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Oscar Predictions: The 2017 Oscars Will Be The Most Political Ever

Politically pissed off celebrities and Trump may just save the 2017 Oscars after the 2016 ratings slump. With the Oscars underway, many believe the vitriol some celebrities have towards Donald Trump may actually save the 2017 Academy Award Ceremony after an eight-year low in 2016. OMFG, does this mean that The DT will have saved the Oscars?


As strange as it may seem, The Don’s countless jabs aimed at liberal Hollywood may cause a backlash from celebrities tonight. And this may give the ratings a huge, albeit unexpected, boost. One billion viewers watched the Academy Awards worldwide last year. And this year, 200 million more are expected to tune in to ABC, the network broadcasting the awards show.


A-listers such as Meryl Streep have already voiced their opinions on the President at the Golden Globes and others did so at the Independent Spirit Awards. In fact, Streep’s diatribe was considered to be the highlight of the entire ceremony by many! This leads speculators to believe that tonight there will be even more outspoken opinions concerning the state of the nation. Even actor David Harewood (The Night Manager) said, “Any attempt to bash Trump is good.” And a senior Academy member said, “The collective hatred of Trump and the idea that some of the biggest stars are going to melt down on primetime television should be cat-nip for viewers.

People normally tune in to look at the dresses. This year they want protests and drama.”


So, grab your bag of gold-dusted popcorn a la Wolfgang Puck and we’ll see what happens in just a few short hours as the world waits with eager anticipation for the 89thAcademy Awards Show/ 2017 Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel!


The 89th Academy Awards Show will broadcast live starting on the red carpet on ABC at 7pm Eastern time/ 4pm Pacific time.



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