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If You Only Have One Day In Rome

When in Rome

As a nonstop world traveler, I am often asked about my favorite places to travel. Personally, places such as Russia, Monaco, Southern California, and Côte d’Azure come to mind. However, my favorite travel spots have more to do with the people I spend time with when I arrive than the places themselves. To answer the real question people are probably getting at, “where should I plan my next vacation?” The answer would unequivocally be Italy, and more specifically Rome.

When visiting Rome for the first time, one is overwhelmed by the familiarity of the city. Due to the rich history and well known artifacts, it feels as if one has been there before. On the ride to the hotel alone, the driver may point out original works of art that litter history books, movies, and the bible while cruising through the city.

On my first visit to Rome, we drove into the city on the first Roman road constructed in 312 BC. As I stepped out of the car onto the ancient Italian streets, I felt as if I had been transported into the pages of history. Every bible story, history book, and historical movie I had ever seen suddenly came to life all around me. A trip to Rome is a magical experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to travel. So next time you are throwing darts at a map, make sure to aim for the front shin of that boot sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea!




A trip to Rome could easily span a week or more and a traveler would still have much to see. However, when trying to squeeze as much into a day as possible, these would be my recommendations.


Morning: The Colosseum – Back in its heyday, the Colosseum had awnings that shaded people from the hot sun. Unfortunately, the ruins do not have this feature, so it is best to get there early before the sun is scorching and the rest of the tourists start piling in.



The Colosseum



Afternoon: The Vatican museum is a great place to escape the heat of the day. Vatican City could easily fill up a few days, so don’t forget to check out the breathtaking St. Peter’s Cathedral before you leave.


Inside the Vatican Museum

Inside the Vatican Museum


Vatican City

Vatican City


Evening: When the heat is dying down and night is falling, it’s a great time to walk through the historic streets and enjoy the sights of so much historic architecture, beautiful fountains, and numerous works of art. Sit down for a guilt-free carb-loaded dinner, or check out the hidden vegan gem of a restaurant, Il Margutta.

Il Margutta is a beautifully designed vegetarian restaurant just steps away from the famous Spanish Steps. The culinary artwork is both artful and delicious, and though it is only considered a vegetarian restaurant, many of the menu items are vegan. Much of Europe can be difficult to find a good vegan meal, so after getting your daily steps in and seeing the sights, make sure to treat your body to a delicious and nutritious vegan meal.


Il Margutta

Il Margutta



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