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Alison Eastwood was raised in beautiful Carmel, California and just happens to be the daughter of Clint Eastwood. She started working in the film business at a young age with her Father, and continues today, to act, produce & direct.


Aside from being successful, she’s driven and passionate about making a difference and her own mark in life. She has always been a lover of animals and nature. Alison formed the animal rescue and welfare nonprofit organization “Eastwood Ranch Foundation” almost 3 years ago after producing a show called Animal Intervention for Nat Geo WILD and seeing the need to help animals first hand across the US. She has just directed her second feature film “Battlecreek,” and currently has several animal related TV projects in the works.


In 2013, Alison wed sculptor, Stacy Poitras, and playfully calls him her nerd. Stacy is featured in Country’s Music Television’s reality show Chainsaw Gang. On a mission together, he also helps her rescue dogs and cats from high kill shelters around Southern California.


On June 5, 2015 the stars were aligned in a common goal to raise awareness and money for animals in need through art. Alison hosted the event called “Art for Animals Auction” at the De Re Gallery. With collaborative efforts, Jane Owen PR organized the A-List guests, art collectors and animal lovers that packed the gallery with standing room only to show their support. Amanda Mills LA Company, a personal friend of Alison’s arranged the sponsors. The star-studded guest lists included, Alison’s father, Clint Eastwood, her brother Scott Eastwood and Sister Francesca Eastwood and Channing Tatum.




We were all there to help and purchase art by Jackson, Alison Van Pelt, Billy Zane, Jennifer Glassman, Stacy Poitras, Ignat Ignatov, and some of De Re Gallery artist, Brian Bowensmith and Mike Sagato who all donated pieces to help the charity.


I caught up with Alison after the event to find out what else is in the works and how we can all be more involved in her charity.


ANICIA: Alison your charity turned out to be such a special memorable evening for all of us. I heard so many lovely comments. How many do you do a year and do you find it helps? 

ALISON: I am planning on doing at least one or two fundraisers every year here in Southern California. Art for animals was the first fundraiser we’ve done and it was quite amazing how many folks came out to support!


ANICIA: How and why did you start your organization? 

ALISON: I started a nonprofit after I got into animal welfare a few years ago. I co-created and sold a show to Nat Geo wild called animal intervention. Traveling around the country and seeing a lot of animals in peril, I felt compelled to be proactive.


ANICIA: Do you work with local, state and federal governments on bills and awareness? If so, what bills are you currently working on?

ALISON: So far I have not actually worked on any legislation although that is something I’m definitely interested in doing in the near future. Right now I sign a lot of petitions and help support other people who are working on getting laws changed etc.


ANICIA: What collaborations do you have with other animal organizations that you feel need a spotlight shined on them? 

ALISON: I did a crowdfunding campaign last fall for chimp Haven chimpanzee sanctuary in Louisiana. We raised over $50,000. They are taking a bunch of the federally funded medical lab Chimps in after they were retired. There are over 200 chimpanzees that need permanent housing so it’s obviously a very big undertaking. Loveanimals.org is a great site to raise money for great animal causes & they were awesome to work with.


ANICIA: Clearly you are concerned for the wellbeing of animals.  What do you think are the pressing issues of today concerning them?  Where do you think people should direct their interest and money?

ALISON: Honestly there are too many important issues to name just one or two but I’d have to say what’s going on with the elephants and rhinoceroses in Africa is horrible & scary. We’re about to lose those creatures for good. The people of the world are going to really have to join together to stop poaching if we still want to have those animals on our earth.


ANICIA: Are there any new film projects of yours we should be on the look out for?

ALISON: I just finished my second film, which I directed & co-produced called,”Battlecreek.” I’m very happy to continue to work in film & television.


ANICIA: You’re so beautiful and fit, I’m sure my readers would love to know your beauty secrets, do you mind sharing some tips with us and if you think being a vegan helped you?

ALISON: I truly believe you are what you eat. I do my best to be conscious of eating healthy & sustainable for the planet. I drink a tremendous amount of water and I think that that is one of the biggest keys to staying young & feeling good




VIVA GLAM Magazine would like to thank Alison Eastwood for giving us an opportunity to catch up with her in my interview.  For more information about Eastwood Ranch Foundation go to eastwoodranch.org.





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