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OMG, Kim Kardashian’s Contour Kits Sold Out in ONE Day!

As expected, the KKW Contour Kits have sold out!

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you, Kim Kardashian’s Contour Kits launched yesterday, August 22nd, at 3pm EST. How long did they last? Not even ONE day!

No joke, after going on sale late that afternoon, by evening they were totally sold out. We thought they would sell like hotcakes, but we didn’t know they would sell out in a mere few hours!

kkw powder

So this leaves many of us wondering when KKW Beauty will re-stock Kim’s contour kits? Well, previously the KKW Beauty crème contour kits originally went on sale June 21st. They sold out the same day. But KKW Beauty restocked them on July 6th. That was a 15 day turnaround to restock. So, if you are looking for Kim’s awesome powder contour kit, it might be available in about two weeks time if the crème contour kits were any indication of availability.

In addition, both the KKW crème contour kits and KKW X Kylie Cosmetic Crème Liquid Lipstick have also been restocked again. So get them while you can!

kkw contour kit

Reviews for Kim’s contour kits and also KKW X Kylie Cosmetic Crème Liquid Lipsticks have been generally good with many beauty bloggers and influencers loving these products!

Kim’s contour kits allow you to contour, shade, highlight, and sculpt your face. This is ideal for sculpting the hollows of your cheeks, along your hairline, nose, and to better define your jawline. And indeed, Kim is the one who put contouring on the map! Now, it is common to contour and highlight your face whereas, before Kim, this was a technique used mainly by professional makeup artists only.

We don’t know about you, but we’re waiting with anticipation for the next restock of KKW’s Contour Kit! What about YOU?



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