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When Is It Okay to Invade Your Significant Other’s Privacy?

Today’s breaking news: Playmate of the Year 2014, Kennedy Summers, is now engaged to Utah Jazz center Jeff Withy, a month after she accused him of cheating on her. Withy told Summers he was going to the movies by himself. When he came back, she found two movie stubs in his possession. She had the log in information to his Instagram and Twitter accounts and publicly accused him of cheating.


Although Summers didn’t use his social media to see if he was cheating, this situation brings into question the dilemma of is it okay to go into someone else’s private accounts if you have access to them? Under normal circumstances, no one has the right to go into another’s phone, computer, email or social networking. However, if you have been feeling suspicious for a while, according to experts, it is okay for you to see if they are engaging in actions you have not agreed upon.  If you find something out, then knowing might change the course of your relationship. You need to be aware this type of information. If you have felt uneasy for a while, this will only reconfirm what you probably already know.


Listen to your sixth sense, it is there for a reason. And reconfirming your suspicions is nothing you should feel guilty about.  Remember, this is your life. Staying with someone who is not worthy will not allow you to live the life you deserve. And if you had a suspicious feeling, but were wrong, at least you will have peace of mind.



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