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O-Town Talks MY2K Tour Highlights and Getting Back in the Studio

O-Town is back and MY2K was unforgettable!

Back in February, we had the opportunity to see the men of O-Town live on their headlining tour. We weren’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the show we were superfans. The men of O-Town are dynamic, energetic, and incredibly talented to the point where each and every member of the audience was blown away.

Over the last two months, the men of O-Town have been traveling around the country as one of the acts on the MY2K tour alongside of Dream, Ryan Cabrera, and the main attraction 98 Degrees. They only had a 35-minute set but boy did they hold their own.

We caught up with O-Town before their show and right before their VIP meet and greet. We talked about how this tour was different from their usual headlining tour, when to expect new music, and why Erik and Dan might secretly want to leave the band to become members 5 and 6 of 98 Degrees. But don’t worry; not for real.


A Conversation with O-Town

(Dan Miller, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Trevor Penick)

You’ve been performing headlining shows this year and now you’re wrapping up the national MY2K tour that hit around 40 cities. How have the audiences differed? How have the shows been different? More energy? Less?

Jacob: The audiences here are mostly 98 Degrees fans. We’ve been doing our own shows headlining and with an opener that we like but that’s not really a big name so we’re mainly the draw. This is a good chance to get in front of people that may not know we’re back together, or don’t know what our show is about. We’re getting a chance to sing in front of people who might not have come to an O-Town exclusive show.

Dan: It’s funny. In the 2000s, the boy band fans were very specific on who they liked and didn’t like. They had their allegiances. Now that years have gone by, when they come out to these shows they realize they can like all of these bands and don’t have to pick just one. There’s been a newfound camaraderie with all of the bands; that helps that.


You’ve been touring with three other amazing artists and groups. What has the experience been like to tour with Dream, Ryan Cabrera, and 98 Degrees after all of these years?

Trevor: The main difference when we tour with Dream is now two of them have babies! They’re out on the road with them! They got kids running around on the bus and catering and everyone else around has families. The camaraderie on the tour has been really cool. Buses don’t leave until like 2 or 3am. We hang out, have drinks, and tell stories. It’s been really good.


You’re all in great shape. How do you stay in shape for your high-energy shows?

Jacob: Well, we all have different workouts.

Erik: Dan chases toddlers.

Dan: But after my wife saw the show, she said “I was worried about you halfway through. I know that you don’t exercise!” We’re smarter. We perform so much so we know how and when to conserve.

Jacob: This show doesn’t allow for much conserving.

Trevor: The fact that we have smashed 90 minutes into 35…the only time we talk is over the beginning of a song. We go really hard this time.


O-Town Talks My2K Tour Highlights and Getting Back in the Studio - viva glam magazine2



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