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Nude is Not a Color: True Skin Tone Essentials

Join the movement of people who have finally risen up to combat the notion that “Nude” is a color! For decades, women of all different skin colors were out of luck in terms of finding that perfect flesh colored shade for their skin tone. For years, not-so-subtle marketing ads indicated that anything other than that light beige “Naturally Nude” color was simply unnatural.


It’s been too long that women settled for different shades than what was true to their own unique hue, and they are simply tired of it. Proof? A booming lingerie industry is thriving with a new market that involves many, many shades of “Nude”. We’ll highlight our favorite products to use in that barely there fashion and give you the down-low on the best brands to get the job done.


Nipple Covers

How often do you get stuck wearing a bra, trying to hide those straps and that bulk, when you would love to just sport some concealing nipple covers under that sexy dress. Of course, you can’t sport “almost nude” or solid black nipple covers, because that defeats the purpose. Seamless and Sense Lingerie both offer a handful of natural colors, and Silicone Bra has 3 colours to choose from. Honorable Mentions: NuBra because they had you covered with a  few different options, but seem to have dropped them from their site.



Can’t you remember those days where you had two choices in terms of hosiery to wear with your dress? Either beige, or black… no in-between. Those days are long gone with several in the picture,  different shades of skin for your hosiery needs.


Frangi Pangi

Frangi Pangi is excellent hosiery for women of all colors.  With 10 skin tones plus black, you’ll be certain to find a shade designed perfect for you!




Skin tone hosiery Gerbe Collant Ethnic Colours



Nude Barre

Perhaps one of our favorite options for many shades of hosiery is the Nude Barre brand. Their declaration that can be found on the front page of their site – “Nude Comes in All Shades.”  Exactly how many nude shades do they have? Twelve. Twelve shades that are each custom designed to match a whole range of skin tones.


Skin tone true nude nude barre hosiery chart



Gerbe Collant Ethnic Colours

Specializing in ethnic colors, this hosiery company prides itself on offering the “perfect match” to your own skin tone! Whether you are Asian, Latin, African, or European, they have the ideal shade for you!



Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin offers the most complimentary shade of hosiery for any woman of color.  They also offer sexy holds ups in addition to traditional tights as well beautiful lingerie!


Skin tone Nubian Skin Glossy Tights hosiery





How many times have you heard the expression, “That dress would look great with some nude pumps”? Maybe in your mind you’re thinking, “If only ‘nude’ matched my skin tone”. Now, thanks to Christian Louboutin, finding your “nude” is actually a possibility. With five gorgeous shades, this collection should meet your needs and be as close as possible to finding that perfect shoe color for your skin tone and that dress you love.


Skin tone true nude Christian Louboutins collection


We don’t want you to settle for anything other than what’s right for you – and that includes the perfect shade of nude. Many amazing companies have stepped up to fill that drastic need in the fashion industry, and thankfully it’s becoming more and more commonplace to find more than a few different shades of “nude” in the lingerie department.




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