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Nude is Not a Color: Undergarments Truly for Everyone

Have you ever perused the lingerie section of your favorite department store and been a bit confused when you happen upon a bra that’s labeled, “Nude”? Perhaps you assess the light shade of beige, and glance down at your own skin, which is at least 10 shades darker (and beautiful, we might add). Nude for who? Certainly not you! Join the movement of women, men, designers and fashionistas everywhere who are tired of non-beige skin tones being (not-so-subtly) dismissed as unnatural.


Because let’s be real: your nude is not my nude, is not his nude or her nude… so why only have one nude color? Thankfully, more and more people are getting on board with many beautiful shades of the once single serving color, and rightfully so. The next time you’re trying to find that perfect shade that’s barely there, check out one of these fantastic brands that should have you covered.



 This eco-friendly lingerie company offers elegant bras and panties that are digitally printed and ethically made.  So feel great about your purchase and enjoy your fair trade, beautifully designed pieces!

Their slogans: “Nude For All” & “One Nude So Rude”


Undergarments naja true nude



Cosabella offers sexy lingerie that is feminine and oh so flattering.  So flaunt your assets in bras and panties that make your figure look its absolute best!




Undergarments true nude cosabella skintone





Going “commando” in these simple, yet stylish pieces of lingerie is a pleasure.  While their range is limited to only 3 skin tones, their innovative technology offers a seamless look, always having you the best dressed – with no wrinkles, seams, or bunching! This is the perfect panty to accomplish that “nothing there” look you’re going for.



Undergarments intimates Commando




Nubian Skin

This is fantastic lingerie line is specifically for women of color.  You can shop by skin tone for bras, panties, hosiery, and much more! From seamless hide ’ems to beautiful designs, they have got you covered … well, the underparts at least.


Undergarments intimates true nude nordstrom nubian skin


Hanky Panky

Let’s talk comfort AND color. Want that perfect shade thong, and want it to be comfortable? We’re talking, you never wear thongs and you don’t even know it’s there comfortable? Hanky Panky is your brand, soft and beautiful so that you feel comfortable in both senses of the word.


Undergarments intimates true nude skintone Hanky Panky

Bjorn Borg

Men can feel the nude love, too, when they shop Bjorn Borg – nearly the only brand that sells nude undergarments for both women and men. Six different shades of skin tone were made available through Bjorn Borg – Their goal? To make you look “active and attractive”, whether you want flashy and colorful or a subtle nude. This Men & Women’s Skin Collection came out on the United Nation’s Racial Discrimination Day (March 21, 2016), as a tribute to human rights and equality for all. Let’s pray that it comes back again and that we catch ’em before they are sold out.


Undergarments true nude Bjorn Borgs



The world is a melting pot of cultures – each unique and beautiful in their own way. The days of serving predominately one skin color as the cultural norm are long behind us, thankfully, and there are a number of brands that are tooting that horn loud and clear. Don’t buy the wrong shade for your skin and settle for an injustice that just isn’t right in light of your choices.



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