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Why We Now Love Using Einkorn Wheat

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Wheat is a tricky ingredient. Whole wheats are great for you in small quantities. Other kinds of wheat can make you feel tired if consumed too often. With the holiday season coming up, and breads and baked goods left and right, how are we supposed to avoid them? It can easily become the season of work parties and naps.

I was recently introduced to a new kind of wheat. Well, actually, exactly the opposite. Einkorn is the most ancient variety of wheat, the only kind of wheat that has never been hybridized. While it was new to me, it’s the oldest to Mother Nature. Einkorn is so pure it’s actually tolerated by the gluten sensitive. So if you’re gluten-free by necessity, this wheat might be your ticket to still getting your craving for healthy grains and eating the baked goods you’ve dreamed of since your diagnosis.

We shared a recipe from Carla Bartolucci’s new book “Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat” a few days ago for National Homemade Bread Day. It’s a simple bread recipe that can easily rise overnight. (Is anyone else doing this for Thanksgiving?) But for those who still want to try the benefits of Einkorn and do not have time to make bread, this cookbook has every recipe you could ever want to fill in the blanks of your holiday menu. Cake, brownies, olive oil and tea cookies, wheat crackers….check! We decided to try out a few recipes to see if Einkorn really made a difference in texture and taste and it definitely did!




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