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Nova Threads: The Noninvasive Facelift That Increases Collagen Production

There is another great weapon in the anti-aging arsenal, and it’s Nova Threads! Recently, Christine Nell from AVA MD filled me in on this new celebrity favorite.

The reason Nova treads are one of the hottest new trends is because they help to give skin a lift without cuts, incisions, or downtime!

Nova Threads are made from a material called polydioxanone which is used in heart surgery so it’s incredibly safe. Plus, it is absorbed by the body and helps to increase collagen production at the same time!

These threads are injected into the face and have “barbs” which provide a grip under the skin. This helps your practitioner reposition the skin for a more lifted and youthful look! It takes less than an hour and you can go right back to work the next day.

The threads work by a principal that is used in many laser treatments, controlled healing. As your skin heals it helps to increase collagen levels and improve the look of your skin.

Nova Threads are safe to use almost anywhere, but they are especially effective for the neck and jawline area. They can be used to help re-create the V-shape to the face.

The lifting effect happens almost immediately but it takes from 4-6 months for the threads to absorb and more collagen to be created for the full effect.

They are a great choice for someone who isn’t ready for a surgical lift but would like to get the look of younger skin!


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