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When NOT to Wear the Little Black Dress

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Guest Contributor: Sharon Roe

Is there ever a time when a little black dress just won’t cut it? You bet! The fact that the LBD is “always appropriate” can easily turn into cliché.  And while we love its versatility, let’s face it, the LBD is ubiquitous precisely because it’s a standby for when we’re not sure what to wear.

Why not stand out instead? Here’s a few occasions when your favorite LBD isn’t the right choice.

When you want to steal the scene

Located at the end of the light spectrum distinguishable to the human eye, red has the longest wavelength and is the color least likely to be diffused by air molecules. In short, we see it more clearly. Because of this, red arrests our attention, stimulates our senses, and motivates action. That’s why it’s used for danger signs and traffic lights. See where we’re going with this? The color red is the one for “stop-them-in their-tracks” glamour.

Red is also synonymous with passion, excitement, and courage; when you’re in red, your attitude will rise to meet any challenge. You’ll be oozing with confidence. The color of power, wear red when you want to feel in control and intend on stopping the show.



Revolve dress: $61

Revolve dress: $61



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