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Nordstrom’s Inclusivity for Sizing May Change EVERYONE’S Retail Strategy

You might be seeing department stores changing this season thanks to Nordstrom!

This season, retail giant Nordstrom will be testing out a new idea in their department stores. Size inclusivity was brought to their attention when Khloe Kardashian and friend, Emma Grede, launched their brand, Good American, last year. This brand’s retail strategy was to release the entire size range of clothing, 00 to 24, together in Nordstrom.  The larger sizes were not sold in the Plus Size area of the department store, and the smaller sizes were not located in the Petite Division. Rather, all sizes were carried together in the same section.

Grede explained, “What we’re talking about here are sizes that the vast majority of women in the U.S. are, so why should they need to slink off outside the best part of the store to find something that fits? It goes without saying that all women should have an equal opportunity to buy great-fitting clothes. No one should be asked to shop in a different department because of the number on their trousers. It’s all about feeling your best, looking your best, and having the ultimate choice.”

khloe kardashian jeans

This retail strategy ended up being unexpectedly successful in a way that Nordstrom had not foreseen. This template worked so well that Nordstrom is now begin size inclusivity at its Century City, Los Angeles location today.  The denim department will now feature its brand partners with all sizes available in one location.

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Tricia Smith, the executive vice president of women’s at Nordstrom said, “Good American’s approach really resonated with me because of how inclusive it was and how it celebrated all body types. It was really powerful, and the reception was fantastic. It’s one of our most successful launches, and it revealed to us the best-selling sizes: 0, 14, and 16. And it gave us the confidence to find a size-inclusive solution.”

By spring 2018, 62 labels will be in the inclusivity template at Nordstrom including Topshop, Rag & Bone, Madewell, Halogen, Caslon, and Emerson Rose.

What do YOU think? Is inclusivity a more convenient way for you to shop?



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