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Nordstom is Jumping on the Wellness Bandwagon

Nordstrom gets into the wellness movement for 2018!

This year, Nordstrom is dedicating outposts that will focus on wellness items such as supplements, self-care sleep aids and aromatherapy.

These outposts will be called “Well Beauty Outposts” and Nordstrom will debut 38 of them on January 11th.
Online, you can already find 22 brands that focus on wellness including Hum Nutrition, Moon Juice, Slip, Agent Nateur, The Beauty Chef, Aromatherapy Associates, Esym, Vitruvi, Karma Bliss, Shiffa, Chalait, Glotrition, Pursoma, Ranavat Botanics, Soap Cherie, VitaJuwel, Yuni, Kopari and 8Greens.


This is great news as Nordstrom is listening to its consumers in an effort to stay relevant to them.
As more and more people ascribe to the wellness movement, retailers are seeing the need for cruelty-free and non-toxic products.
While these products might not be the majority now, they soon will become the norm. Why? Because consumers are concerned with both the environmental impact their beauty products have and also for animal welfare.

For retailers like Nordstrom, beauty products were the top performing merchandise category last year. Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom, said, “Our beauty business has been consistently good for quite some time. The more that we can elevate and differentiate our product offer, particularly the more kind of prestige type brand, that’s been good for us. There has been a good trend around wellness and natural wellness.”


And as more consumers are choosing to live a vegan and ethically sustainable lifestyle, we will see more retailers moving towards the wellness trend.
Retailers will be focusing on ethically produced and sustainable products that are aimed at overall good health rather than just beauty at any price.



The Top Wellness Trends for 2018 are.




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