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Non-Toxic Beauty Stocking Stuffers under $50

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If you’re a fan of Sephora, you know that the most dreaded part of the store is the check-out line. It’s not because the line is always long, but because they line you up next to last-minute buys that they hope will catch your eye. Five minutes later, impulse buyers leave with TSA-friendly-sized dry shampoo, moisturizer, and compacts. During the holiday season, these items magically turn into “stocking stuffers”. Since the average store — Sephora, Target, CVS, and everyone else — will not have non-toxic stocking stuffers for purchase, we rounded up a few of our favorite brands so you can gift safely and in style.


Honest Hazel

Are your friends known to pull all-nighters? Or did someone in your life just have a baby? Their eyes might need rehab! Honest Hazel’s eye gels are great at rehabilitating tired eyes. Best of all, they’re easy to stick on, they last overnight, and they won’t irritate your skin. Full of cactus collagen, aloe vera, and vitamin C and E, give your loved ones the gift of rest.

Price: $12/3-pack


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