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Non-Toxic Beauty Gifts that Encourage Self-Care

What have you added to your wish list this year? Do you have your hopes up for a new makeup palette or lip kit? Maybe jewelry or concert tickets? While asking for gifts that you want is not necessarily a bad thing, a lot of things we ask for can add stress to our lives. But what about asking for a gift that would make you carve time out of your day for yourself? How about a luscious body scrub, your bath salts, or the perfect cleansing oil so you can care for your skin after you take off the highlighter from your new palette? Now we have you thinking, don’t we. Instead of asking for things that are temporary or gifting items with no thought behind them, these gifts will show people that self-care is your priority.


Olive & M

Unlike other oil-based brands that are unbalanced and leave your body feeling like a greased cookie sheet, Olive & M has done their homework. Olive + M is plant-based, all natural, and ethically sourced. It’s an easy gift for any skincare lover as its base fragrance is mild and neutral.


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