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Non-Toxic Beauty Gifts for $25 and Under

Giving great gifts for under $25 just got a lot easier.

Do you have a long list of people on your holiday list? A lot of us do – and it takes a toll on our bank accounts. To make it so we don’t go bankrupt for being generous, we present you options that won’t break the bank and will still make you look like the amazing friend and gift-giver that you are.


W3LL people

Get this award-winning mascara in blue, purple, brown, or black – or get all four! All of them come in mini sizes, too!

For those skincare lovers who use less makeup, you can bet they still use the occasional BB Cream or concealer. W3ll People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer is a fantastic formula. Note: their Light color is too dark for pale skin tones.











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