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No More Fur Farms for Germany

Germany votes to ban fur farms.

If you admire a fur coat in the window of a department store, you might not realize that the animal that gave their fur was probably bred in a fur farm, electrocuted, beaten, tortured, and skinned alive for it.

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ICYDK, each year millions of animals are killed for their hides in fur farms across the world. And 85% of all fur comes from the fur industry. This means that most of the fur used in fashion comes from animals that are held captive and abused in factory farms. But regardless of whether or not an animal is raised in captivity or wild-caught, being killed for fur still means cruelty.


But, making a huge leap in the right direction, Germany has now banned fur farms countrywide. That’s right, Germany has decided to close down their six remaining fur farms. This will take a five year transition. The new bill requires fur farms to have stricter guidelines. It will also make raising minks non-profitable for farmers.


This is a move that is being seen globally as Japan and Croatia last year also banned fur farming. And in further steps to eliminate fur farms, celebrities and fashion houses are no longer doing business with the fur industry. This is a way for them to publicly oppose the cruelty associated with fur farming.

What can YOU do to help? The obvious answer is to stop purchasing fur or clothing made from animals or animal by-products. There are numerous options today for vegan leathers and other plant-based textiles that can be incorporated into shoes, clothing and other accessories! Not only are they durable and well-made, you can rest easy knowing your purchase is a conscious one!


Congratulations to Germany for banning fur farms and for setting the precedence for other countries to follow!


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