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No Excuses! The Five-Minute Workout

It’s the beginning of the year, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? If you are like many, these might include a better diet and getting in shape.  But do you have time to visit a gym each day? How about a short, five-minute workout that will increase your energy and help you stay in shape?


Workouts don’t have to be long and grueling.  In fact, they can be short, simple and fun!  They don’t have to be complicated with exercise equipment, trainers, or traveling long distances to your exercise location. Instead, why not get away from your computer by taking a brisk walk outside? Even a quick jaunt around the block will help. Breathe the fresh air, get your heart rate up and enjoy the sunshine.  By doing this, you will also shift your mind away from work.  You can de-stress if only for a short time.


We spoke to fitness expert Lorri Moore who told us you can break at any time during the day to do a few exercises. She said to try doing 5 push ups 3 times daily. Then, increase it to 10 the following week. And increase the amount each week thereafter.


Because your workout is short, you can do it anytime during the day to give yourself a break and increase your energy and mental focus.


Do a series of sit ups while watching your favorite show on television. Or jump rope for 5 minutes and listen to your favorite artist.  There are many apps for your phone that tout 5, 7, 10, and 15-minute workouts for you to do. So there really is no excuse to not beable to find the right amount of time to sneak into the day for yourself. By taking just a few minutes out of your busy day for yourself, you’ll feel better, look better and will have an improved outlook on life!


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