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New York Fashion Week’s Vegan Style is a Faux Sensation!

Did you know that one of the biggest trends last year was going vegan?

Adapting a plant-based diet is an ecologically aware decision that many of us around the world are beginning to choose. When it comes to style, New York Fashion Week showed us that this is a decision we are promoting when it comes to what we wear as well.

Vaute Couture, a 100% vegan line, showcased animal-free coats, sweaters and other fall and winter apparel this week. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the founder of Vaute Couture, said it is not only about what she eats, but being vegan is also about what she chooses to put on her body each day. She said, “I want to reach women who love style, love color, love fashion, and maybe they used to care about where their clothes came from but at some point they told themselves that it was naïve to care. I think it’s important that people see that you can care, you can interact with the world in a way you want and it’s not naïve. But to do that, you need options.” So Hilgart is creating options that are not made of real leather or fur. By using fabrics such as ultrasuede rather than traditional suede that is created from animals, Vaute Couture is showing the fashion world that you don’t need to compromise by using non-animal materials.

Another refreshing surprise was seeing models walking the catwalk holding rescue dogs that were available for adoption from the Human Society of New York and Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue!

In addition to Vaute Couture, Stella McCartney and Charlotte Ronson have created fur-free items in previous seasons. In fact, Jasmin Singer, executive director of Our Hen House, a nonprofit animal organization said, “Compared to even just a couple of years ago, there are now so many cruelty-free alternatives to products that we used to think required the bloodshed of animals—everything from shoes to cosmetics to luxury fabrics. As a society, we’re evolving away from commodifying animals, because, finally, it is becoming clear that it is not only cruel, it’s unnecessary. There are accessible, affordable, sustainable, and attractive alternatives that are ethically sourced and cost no lives. Why not choose them?”

Vaute Couture is leading the vegan movement in fashion as we are constantly moving towards a more compassionate planet.


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