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These Were the Top Hair Trends on the Runway at NYFW Fall 2017

What was trending for hair at NYFW 2017?

As New York Fashion Week 2017 came to a close, hair experts started to talk about what were the most buzz-worthy styles that graced the runway this year, and if these styles were easily achievable at home. After all, they may look amazing on the runway, but if you can’t recreate them yourself, how can you wear the most trendy looks of the season?

Well, we have great news as these looks can easily be recreated in the comfort of your own home! New York City salon Contesta Rock Hair shares some quick and easy tips and advice on how to create these trendy looks yourself.

Wet-slicked hair was big on the runway at NYFW 2017.  To achieve this look, simply shampoo your hair, but don’t rinse it out completely.  This will give more texture to your hair so it will be easier to hold back.  You can use Contesta Rock Hair Volumizing or CRH Curling conditioner to achieve this look. Then, use a wide toothed comb to push your hair back. Use Contesta Rock Hair’s Saltiness Spray or Contesta Rock Hair Curling Milk to enhance this wet look. Then, let your hair dry naturally.

wet slicked back hair

Everyone was in love with short, natural curls this year. To achieve this look, shampoo your hair with Contesta Rock Hair Curling shampoo and conditioner.  Don’t rinse all of the conditioner out of your hair. This will enhance your curls.  Apply CRH curling Milk and dry your hair upside down. Finish with CRH Shine Spray.

short curly hair

Loose waves are sexy and feminine. Simply shampoo your hair with Contesta Rock Hair Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This time, rinse all of the product out, then spritz the ends with Contesta Rock Hair Saltiness.  Dry your hair 90%. Then, starting from the back of your head, begin styling your hair with a large curling iron. Twist the iron as you continue to wrap and dry your hair on the barrel of the iron.  When your hair is done, finish it with a shine spray and voila-sexy, loose waves!

loose waves



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