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New Year’s Eve Essentials from A-List Inspiration

So far, you’ve probably already decided where are you going to spend the New Years’ Eve, but picking the right outfit is a harder task. We all usually have a lot of expectations for the upcoming year, so we try to look the best we can and perfectly greet all good things that are about to come. If you want to look like the best-dressed girl in the room, there is no better way to achieve that than to look to the masters of glamorous outfits – the stars’ and their A-list inspiration. Divas always pay attention to their appearance, and even create trends.

So, check-up the list of essential pieces you’re going to need if you want to look like the celebrities.


Her Majesty – The Dress

You can opt for a nice and elegant suit and still look classy and sexy, but there’s no more feminine and festive garment than a dress. If you look at just one red carpet event, you’ll know what we’re talking about.


a-list inspiration her majesty dress

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When it comes to dresses, options are numerous and combinations are various. If you’re going to a less formal party, you can pick a short, ‘60s styled dress, but the longer ones are more common and appropriate for any occasion. You can choose between different materials, like lace, velvet, silk, etc. and look glamorous in any of them.

If you want to achieve a “breathless effect”, the most important thing is to find the dress that suits you best. It should follow your body shape, accent all your features and hide flaws. If you need some help, use an invisible girdle to get the look you want. (There’s no need to be shy, many women wear them, even the celebrities – just keep up with the Kardashians.)


Sparkle and Dazzle

When looking at the divas’ outfits, it seems that you can’t look astonishing if you don’t sparkle just a little bit. So, even if you aren’t accustomed to it, play a little and add some glitter into your look. And why wouldn’t you? After all, it’s a holiday season and everything is allowed.


a-list inspiration sparkle and dazzle

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Choose a sparkly silver or gold dress or shoes and purse covered with sequins, and combine them with a velvet blazer and high heels. If you’re not going to some gala-party, combine your fabulous disco dress with oversized coat and boots. You can also combine a shiny tunic with leather leggings and over-the-knee boots.


Be Bold

Try out daring combinations and show some skin. Go with a lacy dress or pick a top or a nice corset and combine it with an elegant pair of trousers. Cigarette pants will also go well with a laced top and strappy heels.


a-list inspiration be bold

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For the final touch, choose chandelier earrings and a matching big bracelet or opt for a silver choker. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to try out the “lingerie-tee” trend matched with a maxi skirt in some dazzling color.


Be Unique

Experiment a little bit and pick garments that you wouldn’t usually dare to wear. It can be bold prints, animal patterns, bright colors or unusual and big accessories made with fur and feathers elements (both preferably fake ones). Be creative, find a unique way to be chic and you’ll stand out from the crowd.


a-list inspiration be unique

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If you want to look like a diva, you’ll have to add a bit of your personality into your outfit. So feel free to experiment with various combinations and make unique choices that will mark your look. It’s highly important to feel comfortable in your outfit; otherwise, you can end up feeling insecure, which can spoil your perfect night. For example: yes, you’ll look quite impressive in very high heels, but if you aren’t used to them, you’ll be forced to sit the whole evening and won’t get to show them off.


So, use this advice like a guide and adjust them to suit you the best. Your self-confidence and smile are the best accessories you need if you want to shine on the New Year’s Eve. So, and cheers to the next year and new you.


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