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A New Vegan Gym Opens in Oakland!

Oakland, California, is now home to an all-vegan gym!

This all-vegan gym, Plant Based Fitness, is not only a place for vegan fitness enthusiasts. It’s also a place where vegans can focus on their overall wellness and plant-based nutrition.

According to VegNews, the gym is run by Gary Whitaker, a vegan personal trainer, and he decided to open a vegan establishment after living a health transformation that included embracing a plant-based diet and dedication towards fitness. Whitaker lost a 26% body fat and 27 pounds, and with these results he made it his purpose to encourage others about the benefits from a plant-based nutrition plan.

“I searched to find a program that fit my needs,” said the gym owner in an interview with VegNews. “One centered on total wellness and plant-based nutrition, and my findings fell short of what I was seeking. PlantBased Fitness is more than just a gym; we are a transformation studio. This means you will find services here that are rarely part of a fitness facility; services that not only build strength and functional fitness but also address member health from a holistic perspective that are designed to foster a mind-body transformation.”

Other services included in the gym are body weight training, mindfulness training, accountability coaching, vegan cooking classes, and a plant-based kids’ club. Whitaker’s plan is to extend his new found purpose in providing holistic wellness to vulnerable communities. He would like to also open vegan eateries, juice bars, and holistic healing centers.

There have been similar initiatives opening in other cities, such as vegan gym “Liberation Barbell” in Portland, Oregon, that open its doors offering services such as vegan nutritional supplements in an inclusive and welcoming environment design to embrace a wide scope of body types, genders, and sexual orientations.

In the case of Plant Based Fitness, the establishment has already received the support from the community. “Gary is more than a personal trainer, he’s a friend that’s truly invested in my well-being and a passionate advocate for all his clients…Gary is also very knowledgeable and energized about food as a health tool and not just a ‘diet’ but really a way of life,” said a client in one of the gym’s testimonials.



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