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New Dancing Chicken KFC Ad Sparks Controversy

Horrified consumers tell KFC, “Don’t pretend to be friends with your victims.”

A new KFC ad has sparked controversy once again. The fried chicken chain’s latest commercial features chickens dancing to rap music. Though the commercial was intended to be funny, many have labeled it “horrific.” The “Nothing but the Chicken” KFC ad has already received numerous complaints by offended consumers.

That’s right, KFC’s latest attempt at a humorous commercial has sparked controversy. Instead of making people laugh, the “Nothing but the Chicken” commercial has caused outrage. Why? People are upset that chickens are depicted as having a fun time dancing to rap music before they are to be slaughtered. As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received almost 300 complaints from consumers.

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In this commercial, a chicken is seen dancing to DMX’s “X Gonna Give It to Ya.” But ultimately, this supposedly happy chicken is going to end up in a bucket of KFC fast food. Consumers are labeling this commercial as “inappropriate,” “misleading,” “offensive,” and “distressing.” They also said it “features a healthy, older looking chicken that complaintants believe misrepresents the age, quality and living conditions of KFC chickens.”

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The “Nothing but the Chicken” campaign stresses that KFC’s chicken contains “the whole chicken and nothing but the chicken.” But this campaign has outraged many on social media. One Twitter user said that this commercial made the chickens seem to be so human and happy, but the entire reason they are there is to be killed. And yet another commenter said that this commercial was making light of the fact the chickens were going to be killed. They said, “Don’t pretend to be friends with your victims.”

What do YOU think? Are dancing chickens appropriate for a fast food commercial? Or do you think it is offensive even to meat eaters?


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