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Why You Need to Go to Iceland Right Now

Planning the vacation of a lifetime requires a lot of work, but you know what? We’re going to solve a bit of the problem for you right here, right now. Have you ever been to Iceland? If you’re like the majority of Americans you probably don’t even know that much about it, and we just want to say, yes, it’s a bit cold, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from visiting this beautiful country.

It sits right below the Arctic circle but for the most part, the temperatures are actually warmer than New York. Those who take the five-hour plane ride from New York to Iceland will be treated to the Norther Lights at the right time of the year along with some other amazing natural wonders – it’s always a sight to behold. If you’re planning to make the trip, then make sure you visit the following awesome locations.



As we mentioned before, Iceland is a great place to see the Norther Lights, and this is actually one of the best locations for it. The Norther Lights are actually the product of the Aurora Borealis and can be explained away as charged electrons in the upper atmosphere. Okay, that’s a little bit boring, isn’t it? Let’s just say it’s magic – it sounds better.

Visit It:

Gautavik 29

Reykjavík, 112 Iceland

+354 660-1499


Arcanum Glacier Tours

If you’re looking for the ultimate surreal landscape, then look no further. Arcanum gives you the drifting icebergs, lava beaches, and even the erupting volcanos. Tours of this location do involve walking, so make sure you bring a good pair of boots. While you’re here you can expect to see the beautiful Icelandic horses, a sight to behold for sure.

Visit It:

Vík i Myrdal

Mýrdalsjökulsvegur, Iceland

+354 487-1500



On Reyjavik Harbor you can see the amazing Harpa Concert Hall along with the glass-block conference center that plays nicely into the natural aesthetics of the landscape. It’s the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera. Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson, the hall has played host to some of the world’s top musicians and has drawn art enthusiasts from all over.

Visit It

Austurbakki 2

Reykjavík, 101 Iceland

+1 354 528-5000


The Elf School

The belief that elves and other tiny people exist is one that has been woven into the fabric of Iceland for at least a thousand years. You might not believe, but Icelanders are adamant in their notions, and you’re going to learn all about them at the Elf School. 13 types of elf, 3 types of troll, 4 types of gnome, and three races of fae are taught at the Elf school, and while there are many skeptics, you might just walk away a believer.

Visit It

Sidumuli 31

Reykjavík, 108 Iceland

+354 588-6060


Blue Lagoon Spa

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon – in fact, you’ve probably heard about it quite a bit from fairy tales, folklore, and maybe even once or twice in casual conversation. Hearing about it is definitely not the same as actually seeing it, and certainly not the same as submerging yourself in the crystal blue waters.

All year, even amidst the freezing backdrop of Iceland the waters remain at 98 to 102 degrees, and provide an amazing view of the surrounding glaciers. The water, rich in sulfur and silica is known for its healing properties, so jump in and enjoy.

Iceland is without a doubt one of the most amazing countries to visit, so put it on your list, and get ready to have the experience of a lifetime.



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