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Nadja Atwal’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Power Women

It can be hard to gift your ultra-glamorous friends. Every one has their preferences in terms of personal style, makeup, food, and even travel. Getting a one-size-fits-all gift is not an option. In order to make your gifting this holiday season a lot easier on you and your busy schedule, make use of this ultimate gift guide for the power women in your life.

Shop from Laura Bush’s Charity Fashion Line

Just making a plain donation makes you feel good, but Lauren Bush’s charity fashion line Feed makes you look great, too. What started as a simple idea to help children in underprivileged countries has turned in a movement in the US. The stylish bags and other fashionable items come in a variety of designs and price points so every girl is sure to find her match for a friend or family member.

The proceeds go directly to kids who are starving around the world. Feed partners with organizations such as UNICEF and Feeding America.

The Wine Lover’s Dream Gift

The Coravin is the ideal gift for any wineaux. No more uncorking wine and worrying about your favorite chianti loosing its flavor. The Coravin creates a tiny hole that closes after you pour out the wine through a tiny needle that’s gentle on the corks. You’ll never have to worry again about your open bottle of wine losing that first sip great taste. Your wine will preserve its fresh taste for weeks, even months! After reading the raving reviews on the usually hard-to-impress Wine Enthusiast, I bought it, tried it, and am still in awe. No wonder it’s a solid five-star rated bestseller on Amazon. Prices start at $174 .

Photoshop in a Tube

At my last girls night, I learned that all my friends have been hunting for a truly reliable product that makes your bare legs look better all year around. Well, I found it. Vita Liberata’s Body Blur lotion is basically photoshop in a tube and full of great ingredients that nourish your skin while adding that splash of color .The Medium shade will match most skin types.

This Gift Empowers Young Female Enterpreneurs

Want your friends to think of you fondly while empowering them and other women on a mission to make it big? Tory Burch landed a smash hit with her Embrace Ambition pieces. The design is so classy, and the colors are so well chosen, that it looks much more expensive than the moderate $30 it costs. 100% of the net proceeds benefit the Tory Burch Foundation to help female entrepreneurs become true power women. If you purchase it on Tory’s website you can opt for her gorgeous, complimentary gift boxes.

The Gift of Security and Time

Women are multitaskers, but still we misplace things – just like men. Of course, we have more stuff! No matter if it’s our handbag, phone, wallet, keys, car, or dog, this quarter-size tracking device, called the TrackR, will find its exact location via the matching app. Additional plus: If other TrackR users are passing by your item, you can alert them, so they can help.

 And finally, the gift of glamour!

For decades, gift cards have been the most popular stocking stuffers. But few scream VIVA GLAM while underscoring that great women want their friends to look hot! The Hollywood Glitterati were the first to go crazy for Monica Hansen’s Beachwear designs after Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue featured several pieces from the first collection.The Pineapple Lovers one piece has cult status and one look at the shopping page and you understand why the $100 gift cards are among the most desired ones during holiday season, as well as a beloved goodie bag item during award season. Dare to pick a piece that’s sure to be a hit? Since we all keep looking for those one pair of  cute shorts that are not boyish but sexy, Monica blessed us with the Rock N Rose faux leather shorts (in black and white)  – and right now for a special discount ($48). Now that’s a way to keep friends!


From fashionable charities to photoshop in a tube, you’re bound to find something in this list for the ultimate glamorous diva we all have in our lives. Happy Holidays!



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