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Hold on to Your Hats, Models Own is Coming to Ulta!

The UK brand, Models Own, is coming to the US!

The British are coming! The British are coming! That’s right, UK brand, Models Own, is coming to America and will be in Ulta stores across the US!
This 100% vegan brand is bringing you a glamorous makeup collection that just keeps pumping out a gorgeous range of colors! Why? Ever since 2008, Models Own has been known for bold, bright colors! They have over 650 eye, face and lip products.  Models Own doesn’t believe in just owning one palette for day and night. After all, one palette simply isn’t enough! In fact, they encourage you to go brighter, bolder and bigger when is comes to makeup! We love it!
Models Own wants you to be more creative and have fun when it comes to putting on makeup. There are no rules or limits when creating your look on a daily basis. Each day is different and you can reflect the way you feel by the way you look! And Models Own wants you to fall in love with your different looks each and every day! Makeup, and life in general, should be about experimenting. Don’t stick to the same old thing that you’ve been doing forever. And don’t allow yourself to get into a makeup “rut”. Try something different, daring and new! Don’t be afraid to change your look, after all, it’s only makeup!
In fact, the brand’s mission is for you to have “bravery in beauty”! The sky’s the limit so adapt a brave and bold attitude when it comes to your look! Try something new with your makeup, then go and do something new that you’ve never done before! We guarantee you’ll have so much fun and meeting interesting and new people!
To experience the luxury of Models Own, visit your local Ulta or their website:
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