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Are Millennials Misspending on Cheaper Items?

Image is everything in the Millennial’s world. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a few habits trending with Millennials that prove they’re more interested in preserving the environment, saving money for more important things like travel, and opting for a stronger presence on social media by posting more images with a great variety of content.


Gone Are the Days of Quality Over Quantity

There was once a time where that Coach leather handbag was worth the money… you didn’t care how much it cost, how it was made, what it was made of, and you swore you’d keep it forever. It had a place in every single photograph you took on your digital point and shoot camera, and all of those images wound up on that expensive computer that you purchased with a loan. In case you missed it, times have changed.

Today, it’s all about variety because you’re all about image. Your smartphone has taken the place of your computer (and your camera), and the purpose behind all of those pictures? To build a following. And everybody knows you can’t build a following without posting great things consistently and on the reg. Great things: stylish products that are cruelty-free.


How This Mindset Shapes Our Culture

Who really wants to live in a culture of excess when excess only benefits self? Excess with no regard for the environment or others is purely selfish, and there’s no reason style should exist only in that type of “quality”. When you use your money to purchase things like vegan boots (as opposed to that well known, absurdly expensive pair of boots), you’re choosing to save money, promote a healthy environment, and give yourself more opportunity to create a following on social media.


How This Responsible Choice Helps Your Image

You might be trying to piece together exactly how quantity over old fashioned quality helps your image. In saving money, you’re able to do more in terms of travel, more shopping, giving to others, and saving. Your followers on social media, who care about the same things you do, would love to see you posting more about all of the above as opposed to things that they might not be able to afford.

See, you are a huge part of directing people to what’s really important, and helping them to see that these things are accessible to them as well. As people grow and connect with you this way on social media, it’ll become crystal clear as to how spending on cheaper, still stylish and cruelty-free products is the best choice.

Baby boomers and other generations may be confused by millennials’ apathy towards expensive, frivolous, albeit popular items; however, millennials will move forward confidently in their decisions, understanding the full impact their purchases have on them as well as their following.



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