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Master the Hot White Nail Polish Trend

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With Labor Day just around the corner, the invitations for white parties are probably pouring in. The sight of your chipped nail polish is sinking in and you’re thinking you need a change. White nail polish is the hottest nail trend, and you can learn how to nail it before all the parties begin!

How to Pick the Perfect White Nail Polish

Pick white nail polish that is pigmented and not transparent. This trend is all about showing off that the nail polish is, in fact, white, so you don’t want any clear-white polish. Test out a few brands, and get some advice from beauty bloggers; that way you have the perfect white nail polish to keep up with this hot trend!

Find Your Perfect Shape

Now that you’ve nailed the white polish look, shape your nails for a unique take on the trend. Nails are meant to stand out, which is why you’re taking your white nail polish one step up. Opt for a theme when it comes to your white polish. Lately, we’ve seen goth, Aztec, lines, glitter, and sequins added over the hot white nail polish trend to bring the nails to another level. Your nails are sure to be showstopping and the talk of the night!

Give the rounded white nail polish trend a try. Use your real nails, or get acrylic nails, and have the stylist shape them.

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