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Style Crush: SEXY Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe was the SEXIEST of them all!

In the 1950’s the name everyone knew was Marilyn Monroe, a name that is still just as famous to this day. People knew her for her acting, modeling, and singing,
but most of all for her signature red lips, perfect porcelain skin, and voluminous blonde locks. Here are some ways
you can
achieve her glamorous look whether it be for a Halloween costume or to add something extra to your daily style



Start out by lining your lips with red lipliner and then continue to fill in the rest of your lips. Lining before hand will not only make a precise line before you apply lipstick, but will
also help the color stay on longer. Next, apply
your favorite bombshell red lipstick
to achieve Marilyn’s sultry pout.

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