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The March 2017 Vogue Cover is B.S.

Sorry not sorry, the March 2017 Vogue Cover is straight up B.S.!

The other day, the newest cover of Vogue Magazine popped into my news feed. Forgive me, but I only recognized about half of the models.  One in particular looked familiar, but and I said to myself,  “Who is that?”  And then I noticed something was definitely off in the photo, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I continued to read the accompanying article that said this cover was celebrating women of different colors, shapes and sizes and the equality of beauty in the fashion world. Size? What size? Seriously, what are they talking about?

I decided to Google the cover and found a headline that read “Ashley Graham as the first plus sized model on the March 2017 cover of Vogue”.  Did they mean the cover I just looked at? Where was she?  I researched a bit more and found a different image of the models running towards the photographer.  There she was, Ashley Graham in her full-figured glory with a beautiful smile and killing it! See below


March Vouge Ashley Graham

Now, look at the cover and tell me that you can see her plus sized figure on the cover.



From far left: Models Liu Wen, Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Imaan Hammam, Adwoa Aboah, and Vittoria Ceretti

I am pretty upset about this so I am comparing the photos.  Everyone else has mentioned Gigi Hadid’s “Stretch Armstrong” arm and the positioning of Ashley Graham’s hand.  (In case you haven’t seen it yet, her hand is strategically placed on her thigh between her thigh and Kendall Jenner’s thigh.) Come on, seriously?

THEN, I realized they might all be wearing black on top to hide all figures and just focus on the beauty of their faces. BUT, why is Ashley the only one in all black?  If Vogue is going to make the statement about women who rule of all colors, shapes and sizes, then not why have an image like the above as the cover?

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