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Makeup We Most Likely Won’t See Next Year

Take everything you’ve learned about make up this year, and flip it upside down on its head to follow the beauty trend predictions for 2017. For the most part, that’s the way trends go: you finally get used to one thing, and then you find out it has changed. (smh)

Let’s First Look at What You Will See!

In order to deduce the makeup styles that will be “out”, we need to look at the 2017 trend predictions and what will be “in”. First thing’s first: you’ll notice that “less is more” trend resurfacing, with neutral minimalistic, nude looks. Think: pale pinks, contouring, subtle accents and bold, beautiful (yet natural) eyes.


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You’ll also find that, as a contrast to natural eyes, you’ll be able to pull off dramatic, bold and metallic eyes. Eye shadow that envelops the eye will be a sure sight, though you’ll find a range in colors. Lighter nudes will fall in line with the natural look that’s coming back, while violets and metallic blues will fall in line with a more dramatic and still trendy look.



What You Won’t See in 2017

Draping, as in the way you apply blush to your face, will be majorly toned down in 2017. Draping made a comeback from the 70s as hairstyles have been trending more natural as of late, but as eye make up makes its way to the forefronts, you’ll see cheek color by way of draping beginning to drop off. Draping refers to highlighting accents or certain features of your face by following the natural bone structure with color in order to create a very heavy, made up appearance – not at all in line with the natural trends ahead.


Bold, bright, colorful lips have had their day in the sun, and you’ll notice those starting to drop off as well at the beginning of the year as winter turns to spring. At that time, those colorful, dark lips will start turning to nudes, blushes and pale pinks – where that minimalism really makes a statement. Metallic lips will stick around, but only as a minor accent to dress up a pale lip (think: gloss). Otherwise, you simply won’t see metallic silvers, deep reds, or golds beyond winter 2017.


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Finally, eye brow shaping will come back later in 2017 as the natural look turns softer. After all, the bushy eyebrow does have a limit, and when you’re going natural with the rest of your make up and hair, there’s a contrast needed somewhere.


Don’t wait for 2017 to figure out those trends that won’t stick around! Stay ahead of the make up curve by anticipating what’s head, and wearing it confidently!


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