Magic Giant on Recording their New Album in Nature While on Tour

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On July 21, 2016, I was escorted into a bomb shelter.

After a trek down a dozen steep steps and veering left through a narrow passageway, I found myself in a small room with perfect acoustics. Of course, the men of the up-and-coming band Magic Giant knew that as it’s now their recording studio.

The walls were draped with fabrics and the room was mildly cluttered with instruments, microphones, and suitcases that had yet to be unpacked after their 40-day road trip. It was peaceful and incredibly serendipitous for them to find a house in Silverlake with their own built-in recording space where they could practice and bother no one. (Score!)

The members of Magic Giant came together to form a band only 2 years ago, but it’s obvious that their instant chemistry, songwriting talent, and their unforgettable stage presence is what built their country-wide fan base in such a short amount of time. Just this summer, Magic Giant performed at seven festivals, as well as many other tour dates, and continued to build upon their “fan-ily”. While traveling, they recorded their upcoming album on the road – to be released in 2017 – utilizing the sounds of nature and recording whenever inspiration struck.

The sound of Magic Giant is considered folk revival infused with the instrumentation of Americana, as well as indie rock with memorable and catchy pop melodies. It’s a mouthful but when you see them on stage, the only genre you can really identify them as is “Magic Giant”.

After being escorted out of the 1940s bunker, we sat down and talked about their remarkable road trip, how they recorded Mother Nature, and their overall goal with Magic Giant.


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Magic Giant in their bomb shelter/recording studio From left to right: Zambricki Li, Brian Zaghi, and Austin Bis.

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