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Mad Cool Festival’s Tragedy Highlights Why You Shouldn’t Judge Others

Why is everyone so eager to wag their finger at someone?

The creation of social media has opened a new venue for cyber bullying, making it all too easy to judge others. These days, people are so quick to express their negative opinions before they have all of the necessary information to make a proper judgment call. Instead, they act impulsively and end up hurting others.

Last week, a tragic incident happened at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid involving an acrobat and the rock band, Green Day. The acrobat, Pedro Aunion Monroy, plunged 100 feet to the ground and died as a result of his injuries. Green Day was the band scheduled to play next and went on stage to perform. As a result, many took to social media lambasting the band for playing.

pedro acrobat

But, what many didn’t realize was the fact that Green Day didn’t know of the tragedy. They were completely unaware that Monroy had died before they went on stage. As a result, they were unjustifiably bullied.

green day band

And believe it or not, it is hurtful even to celebrities to be judged so quickly and inaccurately because someone doesn’t have all of the correct information.

Sometimes even seemingly innocent comments can spiral into a world trending topic that can be hurtful and damaging to people, their relationships and others around them. These comments affect more than just one person in the world of instant access to information. It is important to take the time to gather correct information before you act impulsively, go on social media, and voice your opinion.

green day twitter

We know that you have an opinion and want everyone to hear it. And you have a right to voice it. But if you don’t have all of the details, you are bashing people without having all of the facts up front. Our world moves fast, but take the time to get the full story before you voice your opinion on it.



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