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Luxury Glam Gifts Under $500

Everyone wants that perfect gift for those special people in their lives… a gift that’s both thoughtful and screams, “this was not cheap”. What more do people want than gifts that were never an afterthought; that were well planned, saved for, and given with a generous heart? We think there’s a few of these gifts that will please just about any recipient. We think you’ll love our luxury glam gifts, all under $500.

ICEbOX Beauty Organizer

For the beauty lover in your life who can appreciate an in-style way to store the good, look no further than an ICE Box Beauty Organizer. Why go for an ICE Box Case? This crystal clear jewelry case is one of the hottest beauty essentials, and has been featured on Good Day LA, InTouch Magazine, InStyle and E!Online. It was voted a top buy by People’s Choice, and has served many A-list celebrities.


Pammie’s Life Vegan Boots

For those who can appreciate a pair of boots that’s not only beautiful, but also vegan? Pammie’s Life Vegan Boots is the best choice. These boots are cruelty free and boast a certain “Ugg” look; they keep toes nice and warm and they’re sure to please that animal conscious shoe lover in your life!




Elegani Beauty Box

Do you have a friend who’s makeup drawer spills over into other drawers? Maybe she’s stressed just how difficult it’s been to keep it all contained in one spot. For that friend, don’t hesitate to purchase the Elegani Beauty Box – this vanity table combined with a beauty cabinet is the ultimate way to store all of those makeup tools.



Gunas Luxury Handbags

Your girlfriend who loves handbags will absolutely fall in love with a Gunas Luxury hand bag- the best of the best in high fashion cruelty free bags. These vegan products look top dollar, and come in several different styles, sizes and colors to suit every preference and palate.
Award Winning Flamingo Handbag in Navy by GUNAS


Ipad Mini

When all else fails, go for the iPad Mini. Apple created a stellar product when they came out with the iPad, and they’ve continued to improve it over the years. You don’t have to be a tech lover to fall in love with an iPad Mini, in fact, iPads appeal to just the opposite: they’re easy to use, easy to transport, and the screen is crystal clear.

These things make the iPad perfect for the user who isn’t super tech-savvy, but can appreciate browsing Instagram on a screen that can’t get any clearer.

If you have a friend who loves great gifts, has an eye for high fashion and can appreciate a vegan lifestyle, look no further than one of these luxury glam gifts that happen to be less than $500. 






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