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Luxurious Palm Springs Rentals

If you’re making a trip to Palm Springs – potentially one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the USA – you’ll want to make sure you do it right. This doesn’t mean staying in a Hampton Inn, or a shabby little AirBnB. Rather, look into some of these luxurious Palm Springs Rentals for a great experience with your accommodations.


Avalon Hotel and Bungalows

For this hotel, think: modern designs with a throwback to classic style, luxurious indulgences that are indigenous to the area, a high-end restaurant on site with the finest in California cuisine, and a state of the art spa to enjoy during the day between evenings on the town. All things considered, your price isn’t that bad… rates start at $320 per night.


Twin Palms Sinatra Estate

Sinatra… as in Frank Sinatra. He commissioned this property to be built in the 40s, and it still has the charm it did back then. Though the property has been updated and renovated for more contemporary upgrades and amenities, the sleek and sexy style that ran rampant in Sinatra’s day is still very much alive in the property. Every room has a unique look and feel, and there’s a massive grand piano in the great room that any musically inclined guest is welcome to play. The price climbs a bit with this villa… rates start at $2,600 a night.



The infamous architect Donald Wexler built this three bedroom property back in the 60s, and it has slowly been modified to meet current standards of luxury ever since. Mid-century décor still remains (as does the original fireplace), though recent adds include an outdoor fire pit, a large pool and outdoor dining area, and access to the areas nearby (famous) golf courses. This property is perfect for a couple’s getaway, as each bedroom comes equipped with a queen bed. For an extra fee, the property comes equipped with a daily chef, housekeeper, butler, babysitting service, and at-home spa services. When you split the stay with other couples, the price is actually reasonable; as a whole, rates start at $995 per night.


On the Rocks

If you’re looking for that oasis in the desert, you’ve found your place in this Villa that sleeps 8 people. This property was originally designed by Hugh Kaptur, and recently updated by Jim Schmidt. Panoramic views can be had from the infinity pool, hot-tub, or inside- thanks to floor to ceiling glass windows. Perhaps our favorite unique amenity at this hotel? An outdoor movie projector. Stays here start at $1,850 a night.

The Colony Palms

Modern design and Spanish Colonial Style blend to form this Palm Springs hotel; choose a standard room or a tucked away bungalow for more privacy. This spot is fantastic for vacation goers looking to hide away a little more, who are content with a high-quality and low key stay in (as opposed to a wild night out). The hotel is nearby the infamous Purple Palm Restaurant– its name a nod to the restaurant’s first owner who was a member of the 30s era Purple Gang. Stays here are a reasonable $299 per night.





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