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Luxurious Non-Toxic Beauty Gift Sets under $100

Finding the perfect gift can be a stressful task. Will the present be too overbearing, or underwhelming? Are you spending too much on one person? How many people should be gifting in the first place?! And then there’s your budget! Too many questions need to be answered in a short amount of time. Everyone on your list fulfills a different purpose in your life, which leads to different kind of gifts in a range of prices. For our VIVA GLAM readers, we know that you have friends who love health, fashion, and beauty, and you want to spoil them….but not go over budget. These gift sets look decadent, but won’t leave you with any dreaded credit card debt. From non-toxic perfume oils and lotion, to nail polish and serums, no matter their beauty preference, we’ve got you covered!


DEFINE ME Fragrance

Define Me’s Trois Amis gift set brings together the brand’s three most popular scents: Sofia Isabel, Audry, and Payton. They can be worn individually or blended to create your favorite combination and match your daily mood.

Made only with fragrance oil, essential oil, and fractionated coconut oil, this vegan and cruelty-free California brand will please just about any woman on your list!

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Price: $39


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