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Love Them or Hate Them, These Celebrities Sure Got GLAM

Celebrities We Love to Hate or Just Love

We have to admit that there are a handful of celebrities out there we love to hate. And more so, some we hate to love. As a celebrity, you have to be prepared for such attention and with the fame comes a lot of love from your growing fans base, along with even more shade from the growing hoard of haters. There are even hashtags devoted towards your favorite celebrities, some not so nice!

We understand that being famous doesn’t guarantee that you will be loved by all. In fact, fame spurns more hatred than you’d think. Still, we have become a society that is obsessed with celebrities and their lavish lifestyles. We can’t wait for their next Instagram posts and follow their every tweet.

Celebrities with Undeniable Glam Factor

Regardless of whether not you love or hate them, we can’t seem to stop talking about them. Here at VIVA GLAM, we have an admiration for classic beauties and headstrong fashion icons. We adore women who are advantageous thinkers and power players. We have even compiled a list of the most beloved and evenly hated celebrities that you can’t deny have a certain glam factor to them.

Kim Kardashian West

There is always some interesting tea about the Kardashians being spilled within the latest editions of your favorite gossip mag. We cannot deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the most controversial “Rise to Fame” stories to date; however, she has since grown an empire with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, under the helm of momager, Kris Jenner. All of the Kardashian women have a certain glam factor to them being a family of business moguls. As sibling rivals and business partners, they all have a footing in everything including makeup, modeling, fashion lines, being brand ambassadors, and even doing some acting [reality or otherwise]; it seems like everything that they touch turns to gold.


While we hated her absence, there is everything to love about Adele. From her sultry voice to her relatable persona, she is someone who has completely allowed her fan base to grow with her since her debut at the age of 16. As one of the best-selling female artists today, she is able to sell out opera houses and amaze thousands with her powerhouse vocals. Standing behind her well-deserved fame, Adele isn’t known to endorse brands or appear in popularized commercial items; she lives solely on her passion for being a singer and songwriter, which is why we loved her remarkable return!

Chrissy Teigen

Unlike most supermodels, or at least the perceived ideals of supermodels, Chrissy Teigen is full of humor and self-confidence. As a well-known foodie, Chrissy makes it seem so simple to eat what you love and look as beautiful as a supermodel, which is why so many love to hate her. Not to mention her love life with soul singer, John Legend. But we also love their romance and family ideals, as both are actively working parents dominating their crafts. Chrissy makes it a point to incorporate a comfortable environment for her and baby Luna while working on the set of her show, Lip Sync Battle, which John often visits. Chrissy is a supermom and fashion icon that does both with such humility and candid glamour that she is definitely a woman deserving a spot on this list. When it comes to celebrities, there is nothing more refreshing than a slice of humble pie… if Chrissy hasn’t made it already.


Long time power player and media mogul, Oprah has her hand in every publication form available. From television and movie production to her magazine, hosting her own television show, owning her own television network, Oprah has inspired millions of women everywhere and looks fabulous doing so. You can always find an inspirational quote from this motivational speaker as she is continually encouraging women to feel empowered, believe in their ability, and live life to the fullest.



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