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Loafers: The Ultimate Go-To Shoe This Spring!

It used to be that when you heard “loafers”, you thought, “Dad’s business shoe of choice”, and you envisioned leather tassel’s and briefcases to boot. The fact of the matter is that those days are long gone, and we can now celebrate loafers as a shoe for men and women in about a million different scenarios. We’ve looked through hundreds of options to pick out our favorite vegan options, so here are some of our favorite loafers for this spring!


ASOS Tassel Loafer in Black Faux Suede

Is it time for business? For those days when you’re leading a business meeting and you need to feel your confident self, put on some ASOS Tassel Loafers in Black faux suede. They slip right on, look classy, and are super easy to maintain. To boot, ASOS has free shipping and free returns!


Loafers Asos black



Steve Madden Cyylo Loafer

Faux suede not your look of choice for business? Maybe faux leather is more your style. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to order the Cyylo Loafer’s by Steve Madden. These loafers are your classic penny-style, and, in case you didn’t know, penny-style loafers are always a good choice. With a round toe and a 1 inch stacked block heel, you’ll find that feminine and masculine meet to form the perfect look for confidence, class, and strength in appearance.

Loafers vegan Steve Madden


Lavish Plaid Loafers by Yru

We really can’t speak highly enough of the Lavish Plaid Loafers by Yru. They’re statement-worthy, chic, unique loafers that can dress an outfit up or down, depending on what you’re wanting. Complete with black vegan leather binding and tassels, these loafers are both stylish and environmentally responsible, so you can make a statement in more than one way.



Morgan Women’s Vegan Loafer in Burgundy Striped Ethnic Naga Textiles

Throw on these loafers with your favorite pair of dark skinny jeans and a baggy plain white-tee, and you’ll be the talk of the town in terms of fashion and style. Here’s what we love about this shoe: there are no imitation prints, it’s truly a tribal design that’s handmade from re-purposed Naga textiles. They’re super comfortable thanks to cushioned black cotton insoles, and they ship (for free!) to just about any country.
Loafers espadrille tribal Naga ethnic loafer


There’s no doubt about the fact that no woman or man should be without a pair of loafers that they love. Though they used to be worn solely in a business context, we’ve found that these days they’re in style in a casual, chic context as well. We promise that if you spring for one pair this Spring, you’ll find that you love how versatile, classy, and stylish they are, and you’ll want one for every scenario!





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