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Lingerie Model Sarah Stage is Days Away from Giving Birth

Model Sarah Stage says she is “ready to pop”!

Lingerie model, Sarah Stage, is nine months pregnant and only days away from giving birth! ICYDK, Sarah became famous during her first pregnancy because she still maintained washboard abs even though she was pregnant.  In fact, many said she didn’t look pregnant at all, even during the last trimester. Some of her fans said they wouldn’t have even known she was pregnant unless they were told.  She was known for her “barely there” bump which her followers marveled at, and she said she gained a total of 28 pounds during her first pregnancy which made skeptics wonder how she managed to do this.

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This time, Sarah is proud to share gorgeous nude photos of herself at nine months pregnant on her Instagram account.  Sarah shared with her fans, “This pregnancy journey is almost coming to an end. I’m incredibly amazed of what our bodies are capable of achieving, growing a healthy baby inside our bellies is truly a miracle! Remaining positive through this whole experience has given me the extra strength I needed. After all, our thoughts lead to behaviors, behaviors lead to habits, and habits create our life!”

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The last time Sarah was pregnant, she had a six pack up unto the day she gave birth. And last month, Sarah told her fans she has gained a total of 18 pounds so far, so she will probably be the same way this time around too.  Critics have wondered if she is healthy, but she exercises, takes care of herself, and maintains a healthy diet.  She has even shared photos of herself enjoying a post-workout smoothie. She continues to ignore the haters and is enjoying the last days of her pregnancy.

Congratulations to Sarah and her husband for the upcoming arrival of the newest member of their growing family!



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