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Let’s Hear it for the International Vegan Flag!

There now an official International Vegan Flag!

There is great news for those adapting a plant-based diet! Earlier this week, the official international vegan flag was unveiled! That’s right! This flag was designed by Gad V. Hakimi and a few other designers and activists who worked together to finish the final design. These individuals are also all members of the group Vegan Flag International.

vegan flag 1

This flag was created to brand and unite the entire concept of veganism. And according to the site, Vegan Flag International, the international vegan flag was necessary because “”every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable flag.” They went on further to say that, “As vegans it is our duty to protect all the animals wherever they are: land, sea and air. We chose the colours that represent these values: White- light, goodness, success, beginning. Green- land, life, nature, energy, harmony. Blue- sky, sea, faith, truth, heaven.”

flag quote

And they also mentioned this flag is for everyone to use, share, print and sell. In fact on the website, there is a section that offers a free, downloadable gallery of high quality images of the official vegan flag to share on your social media and with friends. There are also links available to purchase the actual flag on sites such as EBAY and Amazon. This is a great way to spread the world about a healthy, plant-based diet and to make others aware of this memorable flag! After all, being a vegan is not restricted to any particular nation, race or creed. We are all united by the belief it is better and more ethical to eat a diet that is plant-based rather than eating meat. Also, we understand how our food affects the planet. So it is a more sound ecological choice as well.

So let’s hear it for the Official Vegan Flag, long may it reign!




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