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Leilani Munter: “Never Underestimate a Vegan Hippie Chick with a Race Car”

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Environmental activist Leilani Munter is taking car racing by storm!

In the mostly male-dominated world of professional race car driving, there is one woman who is taking this sport by surprise, Leilani Munter!

ICYDK, Leilani Munter is of Japanese-Hawaiian and German heritage. She earned a biology degree from the University of California, San Diego. During this time she was an active volunteer in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Now, she is a professional race car driver and environmental activist!



Leilani has said she believes humans need to adapt and evolve the way we are living to a more sustainable way that will not destroy our world. She is an advocate of renewable energy, electric cars and a plant-based diet. She has been a vegan since 2011 and her goal is to create a cleaner and kinder world.

Some simple ways she contributes to this philosophy is owning an electric Tesla Model S car. She charges it with solar panels that are on the roof of her own home. She has also protested against the killing of dolphins for meat in Japan as seen in the documentary, “The Cove”. In fact, Louie Psihoyos, the Academy Award Winning Director of “The Cove” said, “Leilani Munter is a powerhouse of seeming contradictions: a petite 5’ nothing surrounded by crowds of muscular, testosterone-filled male racers, she endorses her car with only green environmental campaign partners. She is one of our own generation’s Davids, a modern day Goliath killer.”



And in 2014, she even drove a racing car that was modeled after an orca killer whale to bring attention to the documentary, “Blackfish”. And during a signing at the Talladega Speedway, she gave away over 100 copies of “Blackfish” on DVD!

And this year at the Daytona 500, she passed out vegan food samples to fans at her vegan themed tent! Her goal was to educate her racing fans to the health benefits of a plant-based diet! After all, she once said, “If we only speak to those who already believe in the same things we do, who is going to change the minds of those who don’t know?”

Let’s hear it for Leilani Munter who is a triple threat: brains, beauty and talent!



The Personal and Global Benefits of a Vegan Diet

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