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Does Kendall Jenner Have Baby Fever?

Does Kendall want a baby now?

She’s one of the most famous supermodels right now and she has the world at her fingertips. But, many are wondering if Kendall wants something that money can’t buy? Does Kendall Jenner have baby fever?


After all, her sisters all have or are expecting babies right now! Her little sister, Kylie, just had a baby girl, Stormi. Khloe is expecting her first baby due next month. And Kim and Kourtney already have children.


But recently, Kendall said that she would rather wait and have children in her late 20s rather than now.

However, she has really enjoyed watching her other sisters have their broods.
She also said that Kylie having
Stormi was more exciting because she was the younger sister that she grew up with.
She considers Kylie to be her best friend and to see her have Stormi made them even closer!


So for now, Kendall is focusing on her career and conquering the runway and the fashion world!



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