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Claws Out! The Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Feud Continues!

Just when we thought it was over, Katy and Taylor are at each other again!

In case you didn’t know, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been engaged in a very public six-year feud.
And only recently, fans thought they had finally resolved their issues.
Well, now it appears they are back at it again.


Katy is mad that Taylor went public with her apology letter that made reference to her “accepting sole responsibility” for their disagreement.


By snapping the introduction of the letter and posting it on social media, it appears that Taylor is alluding that Katy is responsible. And Katy was surprised that the actual letter was posted on social media in the first place. The portion that Taylor posted looks like Katy is taking sole responsibility for their fight.



Taylor took a pic of the part of Katy’s letter that said, “deeply sorry” and “Hey old friend, I’ve being doing some reflecting on our miscommunications and feelings between us.” So, it looks as if Katy is taking the blame for their entire feud.


This whole fight started years ago when Taylor said that Katy stole some of her backup dancers. And Katy said she tried to resolve the issue with Taylor, but at the time, Taylor had refused to talk to her about it.


Let’s hope these two ladies can work things out this time and let a six-year feud go!


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