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Is Kristen Stewart’s Short Blonde Do for You?

Will YOU look good in Hollywood’s latest hair trend? This week Kristen Stewart unveiled her latest edgy do, a short blonde buzz cut!  And Kristen is just one of many celebrities sporting this new, pixie cut!


ICYDK, Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson also showed off their short uber blonde dos! Katy’s haircut was courtesy of hairstylist-to-the-stars, Chris McMillan, who was responsible for Jennifer Anniston’s infamous “Friends” haircut.  Kristen’s haircut was created by Bridget Brager and she premiered it to the public at the premiere of her latest film, “Personal Shopper”.  This cut is ideal for upcoming summer and hairstylist anticipate many customers asking for this type of do after seeing it on their favorite celebs!


While these cuts may look amazing on Kristen, Katy and Scarlett, will they look good on you? What type of face shapes and features best show off this bold hairstyle? After all, this cut is striking, but not everyone can wear this unique do.  In addition, many are saying this style is not feminine and looks too much like a boy’s cut on some women.


If you have an angular or oval face you can probably wear this style.  In addition, if your features are extremely feminine such as having almond shaped eyes and a small nose this will also help.  However, if you have a weak chin or jawline, large ears or tons of stray hairs you should probably skip this look.


Also, attitude helps. If you have a strong, bold personality that likes attention, you can wear this style well. If you are content to be in the background and don’t want to be noticed, then perhaps this is not the cut for you.


What do YOU think? Will you do the short blonde buzz cut for summer?  Or is it simply too much?





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