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Do You Know the Prettiest New Lip Colors Trending RN?

Lip color will make or break a look, there’s no doubt about it. Even those who like to sport the natural look need to find that perfect a natural looking lip color, otherwise their lips go missing on their face and blend right into the tone of their skin. Those who love pops of color will be thrilled to learn that they’re welcome to “pop away” with this season’s “in” lip colors!


Lip Colors Guide


Ladies who love to don a not-so-subtle ultra feminine look will love wearing a fuchsia lip this season. By nature, the color is both a combination of hot and cold, making it perfectly ideal for any season in any outfit. We love it for spring because it perfectly goes with the gorgeous floral fuchsia colors that are blooming all around us.


lip colors swatch fuchsia



Ladies who want to make a statement with a calm and aery color will love the look of lavender on their lips. Everything about lavender is calming, it’s not just the aroma. So, on those chill Sunday afternoons when you want to look your best while having no agenda at all, lavender might just be your look.


lip colors swatch lavender,



There’s something beautifully romantic about the Rose color. It’s a classic, deep, scarlet red that says to us, “Seriously in love”. There’s nothing whimsical or fun about it; it’s the color you want to wear when you put on that little black dress for a romantic date night. If you’re a sucker for classy romance, a Rose lip color is perfect for you and is all the rage this season.


lip colors swatch rose




Now, let’s talk whimsical and fun. Let’s talk about the lip color you want to sport when you’re getting crazy with your friends on a girls weekend away. We see Tangerine lips, and we think shots and sky high heels. When you make a statement with Tangerine lips, you’re saying “I’m here to have fun!”





Finally, we see coral lips as the perfect melding of all of the above. Coral isn’t quite a neutral because it still makes a statement, but not as strong of a statement as, say, fuchsia. Coral is beautiful, adorable, chill, lightly romantic and whimsical all at the same time. Best “all around”? Perhaps. There’s no doubt about it, coral is in and can be worn in a million different ways. It is most, certainly, a staple that should be found in every makeup drawer.


lip colors swatch coral




Don’t neglect your lips, and don’t settle for the same old color over and over again! Get creative and have fun with these incredibly unique and gorgeous lip colors that happen to be trending right now!






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