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Kim K’s KKW Beauty Kits Sell Out AGAIN for a Third Time!

KKW Beauty Kits were restocked FOUR days ago and are already sold out!

OMG, believe it or not, Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Kits have already sold out again. They were restocked on last Friday, July 28th, and are already gone! These cream contour and highlight kits sold out the first time after Kim launched them on June 21st. How long did it take for them to initially sell out? Three hours! And now all four shades are unavailable!

This kit that sells for $48.00 was made available again at 12 PM PST on Friday and sold like hot cakes. And indeed, Kim has certainly come a long way from initially gaining fame by appearing in a sex tape. Now, she is not only a celebrity, she’s a reality TV star, savvy businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She is on her way to becoming a beauty mogul.

kkw contour kit

The company that creates Kim’s KKW line also makes her sister, Kylie Jenner’s, cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics. This company, Seed Beauty, is also known for creating popular cosmetic brand, ColourPop. Kim’s easy-to-use and convenient sticks make contouring easy the way it should be. And the sticks are slim so it makes contouring near hard- to-reach areas like your nose and eyes less complicated. The color glides on easily and is blendable too!

kkw colors

Now, women all over the country are waiting for another round of KKW contour kits in order to look like their favorite beauty superstar! After all, contouring and highlighting have been trending for some time now. And who wouldn’t want Kim K’s sophisticated, streamlined and fashionable look? With chiseled features and a perfectly proportioned face, Kim K. definitely has the face women want to emulate. What about YOU? Are you going to get the KKW contour kit? Well if you are, you’d better set an alarm to purchase it.  Chances are, it will sell out again!



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