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Describe your creative process. 

It all starts with a seance and a sacrifice of course.  Once we all gather our hands together and the dead spirits start to rise into our souls, the creativity starts to flow out like cheap syrup on hot cakes.  Just kidding.  There really isn’t a formula.  If you ask anyone, they may say the same thing.  An idea may come from a lyric or the title of the song, because I really think it’s important to have interesting titles for songs, so sometimes things are built around that or sometimes it can start with a guitar riff or a beat and you go that route.  However it comes, it comes.  I tend to write in a very abstract way.  Words can be powerful and I like to try to be very visual and colorful with my lyrics, but not so apparent.  Some of the songs on the new Villains Of Vaudeville record will have a double meaning weaving in and out through-out.  I want the listener to either have to dig a little deeper to see the meaning, rather than it being on the surface.  A lot of my favorite artists or writers do the same thing.  I personally like to think and I also appreciate someone who has put a lot of thought into something.  When things are too story-lined or spelled out, it’s too easy.  Sometimes the best part of an illusion is the confusion.  



How do you stay creative and deal with writer’s block? 

I love to be creative in any way, not just with music.  I like all kinds of art.  I’ve always been that way.  I can’t help it.  I love getting my hands dirty and taking on projects even if I fail miserably and make a god awful mess, it’s still fun to try.  I also appreciate others that are too.  It’s very interesting to me to watch or learn how or even why someone does something a certain way and their creativity can sometimes inspire me as well.  As far as writer’s block, I’m sure everyone has writer’s block at some point.  I will sometimes step away from whatever it is I’m working on for a while and maybe read something on the subject or being a very visual person like I said before, sometimes I will look at photos or artwork or whatever and that can spark something too, but staying actively creative and working in a creative environment helps the mind.  On Villains Of Vaudeville I have a great producer/mentor/musician/songwriter partner/friend that I work with name Tracy Swider.  He pushed me to start this project, so this is all his fault by the way, so blame him.  We usually bounce ideas back and forth off of each other and that usually gets the rock rolling. 

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