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“Beats that threaten to entrance your soul, riffs that will rake you from the flames of hell to the rapture of heaven.” This is Villains of Vaudeville. Come take a ride inside the mind of the ring leader of Villains Of Vaudeville, Kenny Kweens.
Viva Glam spoke to Kenny about séances, sacrifices, the voices in his head and the long awaited, highly anticipated debut CD ‘Villains De Vaudeville’.



Ok, let’s talk about the debut CD by Villains Of Vaudeville. You took your time putting this together. VOV is a hard hitting heavy record. Are you happy with it?


Yeah, I’m proud of it. I think we had a fun time orchestrating and fine tuning it, until it met the higher standards we wanted to achieve. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and I think we really challenged ourselves in a lot of aspects, I know I did. This is my first time on lead vocals and although I don’t consider myself a singer per se, I still wanted to capture a vibe. We wanted it dark, we wanted it to be heavy, but still have other elements to make it interesting as well and we also wanted it to be sonically powerful, so the mix and EQ was very important, that was another part of it all that we took our time with.


What are some of the things that inspire your music? 

Inspirations come from everywhere.  It could be something you have experienced personally or a situation you may have been in or a relationship or a story that was told to you or a book you have read or maybe a movie you’ve seen or even a piece of art.  I’m from the dirty south and we like things with a little flair and edge.  The city of New Orleans and the culture is deeply rooted inside of me, so that has always inspired me, I love it there and I think it can be seen and heard in Villains Of Vaudeville. 

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