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Just Broke Up? How to Know When You’re Ready to Date Again

Breakups are terrible and can leave you feeling lost and depleted. You may be confused about what to do next and when to get back out there.

Some people believe that it takes a person half the time the relationship lasted to get over someone completely. This definitely isn’t the case, because we’re all different and cope with heartbreaks in our own ways. However, there are a few ways to tell if you’re ready to dive back into the dating pool. Here are the signs that you’re ready to date again.

You’re No Longer Thinking about Them Constantly

When a significant amount of time passes without you thinking about your ex, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to move on. This can be hard because bad breakups tend to linger in our thoughts. So, if you can make it through a whole day without thinking about them, it is definitely a step in the right direction. The less space the person you broke up with occupies in your thoughts, the closer you are to getting back out there.

You Stop Feeling Angry

While it’s normal to feel mad about the events that ended your relationship, it’s unhealthy to hold on to this. You may feel like you don’t deserve the pain that you’re going through and focus your feelings of rage at your ex. But if you choose to hold on to these bitter thoughts, you will not be able to move to a place of peace. If you feel like you’ve resolved your lingering anger issues, it’s a sign that you can resume dating again.

You’re not in a Hurry

After a breakup, you may make the impulsive decision of trying to fill the gap left by your ex with someone else. But rushing into a new relationship to escape the pain isn’t ideal. Instead, take your time and meet people without expecting every encounter to turn into a lasting connection. You’re ready to date again when you’re not looking to rush into a new relationship.

Breakups happen to everyone, and they can be tough to get through. Figuring out when you’re ready to get back out there
can be even harder. It’s important to remind yourself that life goes on even if you feel like you’re stuck in a difficult phase. In time, you’ll be ready to pick yourself up and start over. Dating is never a complete breeze, but it can be a fun ride!



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