Jillian Murray on ‘Code Black’: “It’s Probably the Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had” - VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE
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Jillian Murray on ‘Code Black’: “It’s Probably the Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had”

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JILLIAN MURRAY plays Heather Pinkney on CBS’s Code Black.

Medical dramas. We’ve seen them all, right? If you’re a working actor, you’ve probably been casted as a day player on at least one medical drama, one court drama, and one family sitcom in your career. There’s always one, or ten, on at a time. So how can Code Black be any different?

First of all, it’s based off of a documentary of the same name. It’s not just some writer’s idea of what a hospital looks like or how it supposedly functions. Second of all, the actors are taught medical procedures. Everything you see them do on screen – with or without instruments – is all accurate to a “t”. And lastly, it’s not about seasoned doctors struggling to find their way or doctors with an addiction who are somehow still allowed to diagnose patients. (See House.) It’s about how four 1st year residents and their colleagues tending to an understaffed busy emergency room manage to keep their hospital afloat. It’s a high-stress environment that’s bound to create memorable television.

We talked to the new series regular, Jillian Murray, who plays the controversial Heather Pinkney. Pinkney is cocky, confident, and every bit of a modern woman. We asked Murray how she relates to her role, about the chemistry on set, and how she handles the high-stress environment of Code Black.



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